Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cheerleaders beat up fellow teen- One mom needs to rethink response

I woke up to the news about the Orlando Florida cheerleaders who beat up another cheerleader for 30 minutes and posted the beatings on YouTube.

When questioned about it later they said, Oh, I guess we might miss cheerleading practice and, Oh, I guess we will not be going to the beach this weekend.

The girl they beat up has sustained hearing loss among other injuries. At the hospital where the victim was taken, her parents could hardly recognize her.

One of the girls’ moms, who was interviewed on the Today Show about the incident, said her daughter did not do the beating, but also did nothing to stop it, though the mom said her daughter warned the victim before hand. The mom’s initial response was that the incident was blown out of proportion, a comment which Matt Lauer of the Today Show did not let pass lightly.

Good thing. This mom should have been so sad that her daughter was involved in this horrific crime. Sure, she did not do the hitting, but to do nothing and watch, well what good is that. The mom finally did say her daughter should have called police.

This was very serious and no joke. And, that these girls posted it on YouTube tells you how they viewed it. They wanted to be famous. What comes next? A book deal?

The mother who was interviewed should not have downplayed the incident. That was almost as troubling as the incident itself. She should have been so ashamed of her daughter and her daughter’s friends and said so right from the beginning -- not only later when questioned more in depth by the interviewer.

There was note that the girl who was beat up had said some mean things previously to the other girls, and somehow that was reason enough for the beating, which the police called “animalistic behavior,"

No one deserves this kind of beating up. And, no parent should be defending their child who had any involvement in this whatsoever.

Cornelia Seigneur


Anonymous said...

I hope these girl are tried as adults. They show a complete lack of empathy on the most basic level. Judging from that moms comments they have never been taught right from wrong, and have parents willing to make light of a horrible crime. These girls need to be held accountable, even if they just sat and watched. What normal, healthy emotionally stable person can sit and watch something so awful. I was not able to sit through this video. These parents also need to be asked, as well as ask themselves what kind of monsters they have raised.

Anonymous said...

I am so shocked and I shouldn't be because I work at a high school and I was at one of the high schools that had a school shooting a few years back. However, I am not shocked anymore. Unfortunately, we can't tell our children to turn the other cheek or to say nothing because the crimes are getting more and more serious. I am more shocked at how premeditated this was. Did she really deserve all that? I pray that she heals both her mind and her spirit because what a horrible thing for this child to endure. These are teenagers that will someday take over jobs as nurses, doctors, lawyers, and teachers, do we really want them around our children if they are behaving like this as teenagers? How in the world can a mother defend an action like that? I would have been mortified. Apples never fall far from the trees.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I watched Teen Beating full ucensored tape H-E-R-E
and be frightened to death...

Cornelia Becker Seigneur said...

that is so true- and now it does look like they are going to be tried as adults. the mom's repsonse is so upsetting...


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