Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kids Need Lesson in Morality not Technology

Today on the CBS Evening news with Katie Couric, there was a feature about students posting cheating tips on YouTube -

Is this crazy or what? Crazy in that students are taking so much time to think about and plan ways to cheat in school instead of just studying for the test. Kids are making new labels for coke bottles with answers to test questions. They are downloading term papers online instead of writing them.

But, their attitudes during the interview is what concerned me the most - when the interviewer asked about the morality of this, or whether they were worried about this for their future, the kids responded- no, only if I get caught. When asked it it is wrong they said-No, I was bored one day.

Parents- Give your kids some chores to do. Or have them get a job. And teachers, beware-


Hervict Jacobs : 210 Leadership Blog said...

Hey Cornelia,

Great to hear from you.

For me, more than anything, I think this piece shows the need we have to build godly parents who can set an example integrity and honesty in the home. And the need for the local Church to build strong parents.

BTW - I died laughing when I read your post about your 5 year-old saying the verse is found in Jeff Merkley 3:21 and John McCain . . .


Cornelia Becker Seigneur said...

Thanks for the kind words- kids are funny that is for sure...

regarding this post, that is so true about being a godly parent and letting kids know that God is the one that sees and following his ways is what he honors.

Cornelia Seigneur

Anonymous said...

Good post!


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