Monday, March 2, 2009

A hard act to follow...Reflecting on Saturday's Oregon Christian Writers Conference

Being a part of the Oregon Christian Writers Conference Saturday in Salem was wonderful. I felt honored to be there as one of the workshop leaders, but trust me, it was hard to follow The Shack author, William Paul Young, who was the keynote speaker of the day and also led the workshop just before mine.

I had the chance to meet Wm Paul Young between sessions and noted his segment on identity really hit home. Identity is a theme in his book and life as it is in mine and I am guessing many other people’s lives.

I asked him to sign my daughter Rachel’s book (Rachel had it with her in Germany where she was in Bible School and she shipped it home along with other books to lighten her load to go to Austria, where she is in her second term of Bible school). William Paul Young has the philosophy of not just signing books but personalizing every single one of them. He wants to send the message to people that they matter. To him. And to God. That powerful message is found in his book, The Shack.

The story behind The Shack is powerful in and of itself. How he came to write it. How he came to publish it. How it has gotten into the hands of 3 million people worldwide. How he did not set out to become a New York Times Best-selling novelist. How God’s hand is entirely in William Paul Young’s story and the success of his book.

And that is the part that I took home. So many times we strive and we worry and we plan and we do all these things to make ourselves successful, and then we add a little prayer asking God to bless us. Bless our ideas, bless all we are doing, thinking to ourselves, it is God’s will. But, William Paul Young’s message was one that said he finally came to a point in his life when God was the only identity he had. When he emptied himself and his own desires and gave them completely to Christ.

Then, God gave him this story, The Shack, which was originally written for his six

And God used it – and is still using it - in the lives of millions of people.
William Paul Young shared the letters he has been receiving from people who have been affected by the book. People whose lives have been turned around. People who have returned to Christ after reading his book. People who have found God for the first time. People who have returned to the church and a relationship with Christ after having felt burned by the church. People who have discovered mercy and grace and peace and love for the very first time. Or again.

Yes, it was a writers’ conference I was a part of Saturday. But, it was more than that. It was a time of inspiration and renewal in personal lives. It was a time of connection. It was a time of refreshment.

I enjoyed seeing so many people from my church. I enjoyed seeing old writer friends and meeting new ones. I went away with inspiration to write more deeply and transparently and from the heart.

And, to pray. And to trust God for all things related to the pen. And to life.

[Note: photo courtesy of Julie McDonald Zander]


wendy said...

Thank you! That are very encouraging words for me today Cornelia.

wendy said...

"That are"?! Gracious. Good thing I didn't mention how I think God might be calling me to be a writer someday....

Grady Guy said...

My thoughts on the conference are identical to what yours. The take away for me include: having no expectations because my identity is not in my work, and that Papa is fond of me. I have had a few book ideas, and I have left the conference seeing the need to be more prayerful about whether the Lord wants me to start a project or not. All for His glory!

Cornelia Seigneur said...

Hi Wendy - thanks for reading and were you at the conference too! what do you think of The Shack?
blessings and keep on writing [and BTW, it is not about the spelling!]

Cornelia Seigneur - WriterMom Ink said...

Hey Grady- the part about not having your identity in your work hit me as well! and praying about it all!! great reminders-
keep me posted on your projects- cornelia

Peggy Overstreet said...

Yes, Mr. Young was candid and humble, a true refreshment. But I also learned from your workshop and was glad you were on board. I almost went home before the last class since I had a long drive back to Eagle Point in Southern Oregon. The extra hour was worth it.

Melanie Dobson said...

Hey Cornelia! It was great to see you on Saturday and wow--I learned so much from Paul's talk as well. I loved how he spoke about even as we pursue the desire/dreams God has given us that we can't forget to stop and love the people God puts in our path along the way.


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