Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My daughter is back home!

When she saw us waving at her past the security gates and we all started calling out her name, Rachel, Rachel, and Augustin was holding a tulip and a balloon and the twins and Ryan were holding a tulip each and several of her friends joined us at the airport and we had homemade Welcome Home signs and she started running towards us with her arms wide open. She had a backpack on and a smile as warm and bright as her large heart.

It was sweet to watch my SonnenscheinGirl interact with her adoring brothers. Augustin who is 6 just loves his older sister and Rachel told him they would go on a walk soon to Coffee Nook and it was neat to see each of her brothers share about a few details in their lives. School projects, church and school musicals and girls they liked. And in signature Rachel fashion, Rachel listened with sincerity.

She’s back with us all. My daughter dear. We all took turns hugging her and embracing her and I told her Coffee People was open after all this late- past 9 pm so we walked over and got coffee mocha milkshakes and talked and Rachel’s brothers surrounded her and took turns sharing with her as her friends asked her lots of questions and Rachie asked lots of questions and it was just a moment that I had been waiting for for so long. And now it was here.
After arriving home, the seven of us gathered in various rooms to talk to Rachel. We ended up in her room talking on her bed. We stayed up talking until 3:30 the next morning. It was neat being gathered in her bright cheery room as she unpacked a few items and talked and shared. She had a Milka Schokolade for Chris and me and Kinder Schokolade for her four brothers. We were finally back together as a family. Finally complete again.

P.S. I always try to credit the photographer: Thank you Brandon Porter for shooting the picture. I love Augustin's face in this one.


Warren Baldwin said...

Reunions are wonderful. Each reunion like this makes me think of the final one we will all enjoy. Good story, and I'm glad your family is all together. wb

David M. Bunker said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Kids kids kids...you got your hands full. Noticed below your son & his disdain for Christian literature. O boy...insight at such an early age. Hope the CC article is finding some roots. Let me know if you need anything else from Awana.

Julia said...

Its the most wonderful moment, when you get out that door or area on the airport and you see all your family and friends... als ich das gelesen habe, musste ich fast weinen! Es hat mich so daran erinnert, wie ich nach Hause kam! Ich freu mich, dass ihr jetzt so eine schöne Zeit alle zusammen in Oregon habt! :)

p.s. I'm coming back to portland in winter!

Melanie said...

Awww!! What a precious picture. I could just FEEL the emotions from here thousands of miles away sitting at my computer desk :)

I'm so happy to hear that she's home safely, and the family feels complete again!!

Melanie said...

Oh yeah - and P.S. you and your talk of the wonderful Coffee People is making me miss my Oregon so much!! :)

pongboy said...

But where's the "Beethoven chocolates" ??? :)


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