Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week 5 Adventure ~ All-comers Track meet

I grew up going to all-comers track meets at local high schools and now it is fun sharing that time with my children. This week we attended the one held at Lake Oswego High School and we are calling that our adventure of the week - Last week we attended one held at Grant High in Portland.

It is great to see the children run their little hearts out and race against their cousins and friends and all are winners -- they receive these ribbons after competing. Just like I used to get.

I was not going to run any races but Mickael Josef talked me into doing the Predict a Mile. I had done it the week before at Grant High School but did not want to this week. But when my children say pretty please, how can I say no. Of course, I loved it and it got the adrenaline bug going as I broke the 9 minute mark. Next up i told my daughter when I got home- another marathon, though I had told myself after last year's that was it for me.

My daughter said, mom, that is one mile under 9 minutes. You will have 25 to go for a marathon. No big deal, I was thinking to myself. Now, that is.

I love how these track meets build confidence in kids [and adults] and they promote the sport of running, which does not have a youth club in West Linn where we live [all the other sports have youth programs]- Track is a sport all people can find something that they are good at.

A true summer tradition.


Mr. M said...

"...When I run, I feel His pleasure... Run in His glory, and let the world stand back in wonder"
~Eric Liddell

I believe when your children grow up, they will run like chariots of fire! :)

Cornelia Seigneur - WriterMom Ink said...

I love that quote by Eric Liddell- my son Mickael Josef did a report on him for 4th grade COMSI and interviewed pastor Dale for it. Thank you for the comment. cornelia


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