Thursday, August 6, 2009

Entertainment for a 6-year-old as simple as a hammer

So, last night it is not the video games or the tv or the computer that is keeping my 6 year old son up (and to be honest, thankfully, there has not been a whole lot of that for him anyway).

Instead it is the call of the hammer for my 6-year-old son.

It was 11 pm and he was still hammering away.

Just one more tile, Mom.

We are redoing some broken tiles and some windows in our house this summer and it is taking all of our time and it is fun and exciting and exhausting but the most fun is watching my little Augustin get so enthusiastic about helping with the project. Demolition was the task last night. And he was right there, with hammer and small bar -

When I tucked him in at about 11:30 last night, he said, "Mom, wake me up early so we can continue the demolition. I want to help Ron and Sam and Mat and Billie.

Indeed, this morning, my 6 year old was up on his own when the workers got here about 8:30 and he was ready to observe.

And help.

Another extraordinary ordinary.

Oh, to be a like a child to see the wonder in the everyday simple moment of a construction worker doing his art.

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