Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I feel like I am always nagging my kids. Do this, remember that, don’t forget this, stop that. So in about 3 minutes, I made a list of things I say to my kids, not in any particular order, just things that came to mind. Anyone get the idea I have four boys. Our daughter is definitely outnumbered.

74 THINGS I say to my kids in a day –

Time to get up!
Make your bed please!
Did you make your bed?
Open the door to the bathroom!
Be nice!
Stop teasing your brother!
You only have 15 minutes left, hurry!
The bus is coming!
Eat your breakfast!
No cake for breakfast.
Don’t slurp your food.
Are you the Captain Crunch police?
What do you want for your lunch?
Finish your breakfast!
Turn off the TV.
Did you brush your teeth.
The bus is almost here!
Where is your lunch box?
Where are your shoes?
Change your boxers!
Take a shower!
Hang up your towel.
Pick up your towel.
Is that the same shirt from yesterday?
That’s the same shirt from yesterday?
Wear a jacket – it’s cold out there.
Eat your fruit.
Are you playing Nintendo?
Are you playing X-box?
Are you playing DS?
Play outside!
Sweep the floor please.
Unload the dishes.
Did you remember to take out the garbage?
Did you start your homework yet?
You don’t have any homework today?
Vacuum the floor please.
Don’t sass me!
Go to your bedroom for a timeout!
Stop teasing your brothers!
Did you hit your brothers?
Stop fighting!
Can you please get the mail?
Take off your shoes when you come inside!
How many times do I have to tell you to take off your shoes inside?
Did you wash your hair?
Did you floss your teeth?
You did not brush your teeth very long!
Did you change your socks?
Where is your backpack?
Did you read today?
You need to read today.
Can you please pick up the mess in the living room?
Please set the table.
Don’t burp at the table.
Eat your salad.
Eat your carrots.
No dessert until you eat your salad.
Save some for your brother.
Why did you eat all of the ice cream?
Where’s your soccer bag?
Where are your soccer shoes?
I told you to put your soccer shoes inside your soccer bag last night.
Did you put away your clean clothes?
Can you bring up your dirty clothes
Why are there clean clothes mixed up in your dirty clothes pile?
Get ready for bed.
Get your PJ’s on!
Why are your PJs not on?
I told you to get your pajamas on.
Where’s the book you are reading?
Your teeth do not look clean, brush them again.
Read your bible and say your prayers.
I love you!

Cornelia Seigneur



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