Monday, January 26, 2009

You are correct Holly, I have not been blogging on my WriterMom blog. . .

Yes, Holly, I have not been blogging on my WriterMom blogs. . . you are correct, my Book Publication Celebration Preparations have taken up all my time. . .

My new writer friend Holly said I have not been blogging because I have been so focused on my West Linn Book Publication and its Celebration Party tonight and she is right- this book and the publicity surrounding it and planning the Book Publication Celebration has taken up all of my time.

And it has been a whirlwind, attending neighborhood association meetings and editing press releases and planning this party tonight- wow, so much to do for tonight. I did not want an ordinary book signing to celebrate my Images of America: WEST LINN publication. No, I wanted a party. A mingling. A gathering. A time where old friends could catch up and I could thank the many many people who helped me with this enormous All-About-West Linn project. And so it was. A mingling. The community room where we had the event at the West Linn Library was filled to capacity (143)and overflowing for much of the evening. Some estimated over 200 and up to 300 came through tonight. . .

And because of this book, I have met such wonderful people and yes, this celebration took up all of my time. My office is a mess –again-and my house-as I have focused on tonight. The decoration. The food. The helpers. The planning. The guest list.
And people came. People love this town. Over 200 at least came, so many people told me this. The room was packed, by the end of just the pre-event. My helpers Kathy and Midge and Marupong and Jennifer were busy setting up tables and helping the WFTV gal Melody and music was playing. . .I felt like I was sort of planning a wedding. So many areas to coordinate. I thank the entire community for its support of the book.

I am still buzzing from three hours ago when it ended.
I wanted to download the video my husband took and I read the guest book and so
many nice comments.
Still buzzing. . .
. . . I need to rest now. . .and maybe in a day or two get better at blogging. Yes, Holly, both here at which I have also neglected. I am glad I was missed on my blogs by at least one person!

PS- Holly, I was blogging on so, I was not completely avoiding the modern way of communicating.

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