Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chaperoning My Son's Overnight Field Trip. . .

Okay, so there was a two to one ratio of parent helpers for my fifth grade son's overnight field trip to Astoria- how's that for parental involvement, and I confess, that when I heard that so many parents were going, I told my husband, well, perhaps they do not need me, but he said my son is looking forward to me going and I need to go . . . and I am glad I went-sleeping on the floor in a cafeteria is after all, priceless . . .

It was fun to be a part of this annual tradition at Cedaroak Park School and just talking to the parents and seeing kids outdoors interacting and learning first hand by exploring is wonderful - I love to see my children interacting with their classmates and their teachers.

My favorite part was walking to the Lighthouse at Cape Disappointment. They had originally discouraged us due to the mud, but I was able to check it out and, though I did fall once, I told Mrs. Grabow that it was worth the .75 mile walk just for the view-

I took photos but do not want to download right now. . .I need to get ready for the week ahead- just when I thought things would slow down, I get ready for my taping on the Paul Linnman 1190 KEX radio show in the morning.

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