Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Augustin age 4 had on the cutest little snow shoes and he was such a trooper tromping up the hill at White River Canyon, kicking up snow behind him as I snow-shoed behind him. We could see the majestic white mountain as we show-shoed through the valley, sleds in tow. We stopped at various locations to sled before setting up our ”day camp” a bit farther up the hill. While the boys sledded down this amazingly steep hill that freaked me out mom-worry-wise, Rachel, 17, and I wanted to get a bit more of a workout in, so we continued on snow-shoeing for a while, talking while traipsing through the white wonderland. The day started later than we normally like when we go up to the mountain, but with New Year’s Eve the night before, we did not want to stress out leaving too early on New Year’s Day.
When Rachel and I got back to where the boys were sledding, they had just started eating their late lunch when Augustin began having a melt down talking about his cold feet. When you’re 4-years-old and have cold feet it is hard, so I said I would take him back to the car. My husband Chris thought that maybe he was just being tired and fussy, but I did not want to chance it. Ryan, 16, show-shoed back with me, helping carry his baby brother. I was grateful to have him with me.
When we got back to the car and I took off my 4-year-old’s boots, indeed, they were a bit damp and ice cold. We turned on the heat in the car and got him warmed up. We need to get him wool socks. What an adventure, a great way to end Christmas vacation. Together. As a family in the great outdoors of Oregon.

~ Cornelia Seigneur aka Nellie

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Melanie Dobson said...

How fun, Cornelia! I'm glad you were able to spend a family day in the snow. Happy New Year!


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