Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's back to school and schedules after a long relaxing Christmas Break. . .

Why is going back on a rainy Thursday so hard? We’ve had two weeks off for Christmas vacation and there is something so very difficult about getting back into the swing of things after this long of a break.
It’s been so amazingly nice hanging with the kids during the day, planning spontaneous days of visiting my sister or going to OMSI. We’ve all been sleeping in and lounging at long breakfasts sipping coffee, sitting by the lights of the Christmas tree at night, playing board games — we discovered Taboo the word game that all seven of us can play.
We have had such a relaxed non-scheduled time with the kids that this morning was a shock getting back to making four lunches, scrambling to find backpacks and books and shoes and meeting work deadlines.
But, I tried to be upbeat and happy as I need to be as a mom. I shared with the kids that we wouldn’t appreciate vacations if we had them all the time. The hard work and schedules make us value having the time off.
Okay, back to work. . .

~ Cornelia Seigneur aka Nellie


Linda Austin said...

Oh, I hear you! The kids and I really let go on long breaks, and definitely during the summer, and it is SO hard to get back to the early-to-bed early-to-rise.

As for large-family games, Guesstures is fun also, like charades with a timer. My side of the family loves to work on a puzzle at Christmas.

Cornelia Becker Seigneur said...

WE HAVE guesstures too, and we played another game at some friends house. . .as for puzzles, you are more patient than I!


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