Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mom's Salary- $ 122,000 is actually PRICELESS

If given a salary for their daily duties, moms would earn $ 122,000 a year, were they to be paid the current market prices for their day in and day out job.

This is the ninth year that the website has calculated the Annual Mom Salary Survey showing the 10 most popular job functions of a mom.

Multi-tasking might best define how moms see their work, including day care center teacher, psychologist, chief executive officer, laundry machine operator and janitor. Those responsibilities add up to a $ 122,000 income.

This survey came in just in time for yesterday's Mother's day celebration. I think that survey is interesting that they do at, but the things that a mom does just do not come with a price tag and are not the things that children remember about a mom. And the things that children remember about a mom are the most treasured and valuable things.

During a wonderful Mother's Day, where my husband made crepes for both our mothers and for me, I read my home made cards from my four sons, cards that brought tears to my eyes. I had told my kids that is what I wanted for Mother's Day-home made cards and poetry. I love homemade cards as they express personal sentiments.

One of my 11-year-old twins said, "Thank you for being a wonderful mom, who loves, and cares about me and a kind mom." And his poem says- "Your face shines like the sun, you're as beautiful as a rose and your heart is as bright as the stars. ...made for mom because she shines like the sun and she's the kindest person ever made by God."

And from the other twin - "Thank you for being my mom. Thank you for your help and for making cookies. Thank you for making y life more easy."

And from my high school son: "Thanks for all the little things you do that make my life better."

And, my six-year-old expressed it simply in a card that had a picture of me and him on the cover and inside, simply, "Thank you for being my mom."

I cannot resist using the slogan that American Express made popular with their television ads: priceless.

You just cannot put a salary on the job of Mom


Melanie said...

Awww, how sweet!!! I, too, love homemade things from the kids. Those were just so sweet. Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!

Warren Baldwin said...

One thing not listed here of the wife's/mom's duties: Fulfiller (or Completer, based on the KJV of the OT term, Helpmeet). Salary - can't be calculated.

pongboy said...

Personally, I think you should get a pay raise + double-time as well! And is mileage included? And how about some paid vacation time too!? Cornelia, you deserve it ALL!!!

Cornelia Seigneur - WriterMom Ink said...

i like the double the payraise idea ;)


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