Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where in the World is Rachel. . .

So, we are trying to keep up my 19 year old daughter by googling countries and cities she is in, and I, as someone who has felt compelled to record every detail of my life since I was in fifth grade (my twins' age), am posting a couple of photographs of where my daughter is and has been the past couple of days, to share with family and friends in our lives (which blogging helps me do. I realize I have not done enough of this regarding Rachel's year abroad). The bottom photograph is of where Rachel just arrived - In Dubrovnik Croatia -on the Adriatic Sea - and the top photograph is of Hvar Island in Croatia where she was prior to Dubrovnik. I cannot wait to see photographs of Rachel actually in these places when she returns . . .

Rachel says I would love some of the places she has been able to visit during this extended after-school traveling adventure she is on, and she wants to take me to these places she is visiting (dreaming here). She has seen so much of the world (Europe that is) -- I am learning my geography through my daughter!

She is enjoying traveling with her two new friends from Bodenseehof Bible college -- Becky and Rebecca -- and Rebecca's brother Richard joined them in Venice on May 1-another spot I have yet to see. . .


Micki said...

hi rachel.
I hope you dont get to upsessed with germany. and the chocolate.


micki-your great brother!!

Melanie said...

Wow, those places look so amazing!! What great experiences for your daughter. I bet she is having a blast, and how sweet that she's already dreaming of taking you to these places some day, as well!!


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