Thursday, August 30, 2007


I was at Safeway picking up some generic liquid ibuprofen for my 4-year-old and asked him what flavor he wanted, berry or grape or bubble gum.
“Purple, Grape,” he chose, so I looked for the best deal. The name brand Motrin was twice what the Safeway generic cost, so I was all set for that version of ibuprofen. Until I noticed a box with the words Dye-free written on it. I started thinking about dye in my kid’s medicine and did not like that idea at all, so I looked for dye-free in the generic brands, but just could not find it. The dye-free Motrin cost twice what the generic food-colored ibuprofen. I had not thought of it before but now that I had an option, I was determined, despite the cost difference, to get the non-colored box.
I commend medicine makers for creating dye-free versions of their product to help pediatric patients with dye allergies, but have to ask myself, what about those children – and adults for that matter – who do not have allergies but also want non-colored medicine. Just the thought of filling my body or my children’s bodies with artificially colored products makes me nauseous. But why should I have to pay twice as much to get a product with no dye in it? Generic brands need to produce dye-free products so there is competition, otherwise name brands like Motrin can charge whatever they want for their medicine as they know there are moms out there who just do not like the idea of putting dye into our children’s bodies, and will pay almost anything to get the product.

Cornelia Seigneur

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