Monday, August 27, 2007

MySpace WOES

I opened a MySpace account this past week and now the single most thought on my mind is how to get more friends on my friends section. Yikes, I feel like I am back in high school.
It just does not look good to only have “Tom” as your friend as everyone who knows MySpace understands that Tom is everybody’s pal.
A few years ago when my teenage daughter started the MySpace scene, I secretively opened an account to monitor her, but when she stopped the whole Cyberspace world, I quit as well. This time joining was for me, as I have been told at writing conferences that it is important for those involved in the arts --- including writers – to have a web presence. A website and a Blog, and to consider joining MySpace. To connect. To get your name out there.
I got my website going last year and this new Blog a month ago, which I have vowed to write in daily.
And now, MySpace this week.
After having only Tom as my friend for starters, I was thrilled when I got several requests to be someone’s friend. Yeah! Someone likes me. Someone wants to be my friend! It won’t be so obvious that I only have one friend on MySpace.
But then I realized that most of the requests were from single guys who had come across my portfolio and were in this MySpace cyber world looking for love. Whoops, I did not see the section on the personal details where it indicates whether you are married or not.
I quickly figured out how to change that to “married.”
I hope that means I won’t lose my new friends.

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