Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sweet 16

Our son Ryan turned 16 yesterday, wanting to have
a simple party at our home with his church friends that he connected with on our Mississippi mission trip as well as a few Boy Scout buddies. The friends your child chooses are so important, something I have prayed for my children since their birth. And now to see Ryan with such great friends, friends who have faith, friends with wonderful families, friends who are considerate of others, friends that do not need to go out and party -- as in drinking party -- to have fun.
At Ryan’s 16th, these mostly junior –in-high-school-to-be jumped on the trampoline in the rain, amused themselves at Foosball in our family room, rivaled one another at Wii, scarfed down hamburgers, gobbled up homemade chocolate fudge cake, and listened to music. Oh, and gave the birthday boy his 16 spanks. All in the name of fun friends. As Moms came and picked up their boys (not many were driving yet), I talked to them and said I am so glad our boys connected through church and a commonality of serving others. One mom and I noted that these boys are from all walks of life and it is their faith in Christ that unites them. There is a football player, a rugby athlete, a couple of cross country runners, band members, a golfer, a few fishermen and hunter-boys and a Boy Scout or two. I also talked to the boys that were here, telling them I am glad they are friends with Ryan.
As a mom I was smiling at the friends Ryan is making. I realize that you can help your child form positive friendships, connecting with parents and kids. It can make all the difference in the world.

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