Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OH NO! It's back to school

So, I went to Rachel's cross country time trials today to watch her and the powers that be would not let her run as she is not "cleared" which totally confuses me as she is a senior and has competed in varsity sports since freshman year. Okay, paper work, I hate it. Always have. And perhaps I have, like my mom, been able to work around the system and it is catching up with me now. The doctor is saying they have no current physical on file, but then I ask myself, how was she able to run track, with a "clearance" form. Ah, I thought I finished school already. I have been on the phone for an hour and a half while at Mary S Young Park in West Linn, trying to reach the athletic director and doctors office and school district, and I am getting no where and my younger kids are in soccer camp for four hours so my time is totally precious. I love time alone at home and am wasting it here.
Speaking of back to school, so everyone I know already has all the school supplies for their kids and one mom of a fourth grader -same age as my twins- said we have to get a special pencil for them and I have not even looked at the ads yet. Then, I get mad at myself for being so far behind. Again. I had promised myself to be on top of things this year, to get supplies for my kids in early August.
At a party last night for our church community group, a mom of two high schoolers said to me, that she remembers the competitiveness of getting the best school supplies for your kids. Did you get RoseArt or Crayola? The big box or the little? I remember worrying about that when my kids were like in first grade only to find out when they got to Cedar Oak Park Primary School that the school supplies were communal and they would not be able to keep their top of the line colored pencils or crayons. Forget it I thought. I am just going for the best deals around. If I can still find anything out there at Target! Last year I remember going for supplies toward the end of summer and everything was sold out. Especially the good deals. I guess all the other moms figured out that the best deals - not always the best quality- are the way to go.
I am not ready for the schedule yet. For the making daily lunches. For the finding matching socks in the rushed mornings. Yet, when the kids fight which they have been doing a lot of lately, then I am ready for them to go back.
I do not remember my mom being as involved in my school as I seem to be for my kids. They invented the term multi-tasking for us moms for sure.

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