Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So, this morning, an hour later than my super Tuesday, I am once again making lunches for my kids for school and I say to Wesley, 9, "Hey, did I give you guys too much junk food in your lunch yesterday?" and he says “Yes,” can you believe it?! So now I am feeling way guilty because I really like to eat healthily and I really am not that much of a junk food person but I wanted, like I said yesterday, to make their first day of school special and so I bought every pre-packaged food item you could find, but today I made up for it; I added only one junk food item in their lunch boxes -- chips-- oh, do granola bars count as good food? I also added more whole, fresh foods-- carrots and a banana in addition to a pear.
. . . Speaking of junk food, I saw the news on Monday night and there was a segment on how public schools are going to offer better foods for kids to eat this school year, to battle the bulge in today’s sedentary children, which I commend on the one hand, but on the other hand, there are other ways to overcome obesity in children and it’s called exercise naturally and do not buy all that junk food at home, which I confess is easy to buy because it is easy (fast) to serve. Yes, food intake is important but just as important is living an active lifestyle. Ideas: Walk to the store for a gallon of milk instead of driving. Ride your bike with your children to school instead of having them take the bus. My mom used to send us kids with a dollar on our bikes in Portland Oregon to the local supermarket or gas station to buy milk. It was a way to build exercise into our daily life-plus save money on milk. And, we never had junk food in our lunches, and sometimes I wanted junk food. I used to drool over potato chips that I saw next to other kids’ sandwiches. So, now, I am giving a little bit of junk food to my kids but not as much as the first day of school!. . .
PS> Update. . .I did not make lunch for my husband this morning, like yesterday. Back to the old routine. I seem to barely be able to make lunches for my kids.
Cornelia Seigneur

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