Saturday, September 8, 2007

WHEW! survived the first week of school -but does Saturday provide relief??

Though it was only four days, the first day of school felt never-ending! Whew! Glad we survived. Getting ready was one thing and now the first week behind us. It was filled with early morning lunch making sessions, breakfasts rushed again, making sure kids brush their teeth, tracking down matching socks and remembering where those shoes were placed and where is the backpack and homework and reading book; and we were back to getting kids to bed early in the evening and dinners on time and dishes done after wards – alone (back to the “I have homework” excuses from my kids). So, after this week, I just was looking forward to sleeping in today. . .but, then reality hit me -- the twins had their first soccer game this morning. If that was enough, I also realized that they did not have the uniforms to play in, so we had to drive to the soccer supply store in Lake Oswego on our way to the match in Wilsonville. First things first, Rachel, 17, needed to go to cross country, making a stop on the way at the store to pick up items for her tea party with the girls’ team after practice. Initially, she was going to take the other car until my husband needed it to last minute to go help an Boy Scout Eagle Scout event.. . After dropping Rachel off at her practice we arrive at the soccer store only to be told they did not have the uniform sizes that the boys needed, and that we needed to come back. So, we scurry to the game, barely getting there on time and had to borrow one uniform from the opposing team for one twin and trade with the goalie for the other twin. . .Okay, we make it through the first game and I am ready to crash, but soon discover that my keys to my car are missing. Fellow team members’ parents help me look for them and we finally find them and I am soooo ready to go home and recover from the week. Take it easy tonight. . .
But instead we will be heading to a birthday party for a neighbor boy. I better go clean my house from the busy week – and get organized – before we start this over again.

How has your back to school week been?
Write me. . .

Cheerio - Cornelia Seigneur aka WriterMom

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